How to buy NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA Tickets review

No one wants to end up paying hundreds for a fake ticket, here is the guide to the How-to get Sports tickets.

Sports tickets review

by Carlos Becerril






First of all I want to establish that I HATE the scalpers, I think they get an economic benefit without working at all, usually act as a mafia: they agree to sell the tickets at a very high minimum and if someone has a ticket  they pay you about 30% of what it cost you, in cases they may be in collusion with authorities, with sales services (Ticketmaster) or with an executive of the production companies  or the venue.


What other options are there

My first recommendation is to never buy from a scalper outside a venue, you will spend extra money on someone who does not contribute anything, we expose ourselves to frauds and there are even cases of people being beaten. So eliminating these people we have other options:

  • Ticketmaster
  • Peer to peer
  • Buy from fans
  • Secundary market websites
  • Ticketmaster (again)


First Steps

The first thing is to check again on the Ticketmaster page, sometimes they have single tickets in some areas, the problem is that you have to go alone or your party will be separated. The second thing is to ask some friend if they have an extra ticket, in such case they have the confidence that the ticket is original, you go to the same zone with your friends and the price (in general) will be face value, if your friend resells you a more expensive ticket, change friends! The third option is the fan forums, groups are usually set up on facebook, where it is indicated that you can not increase the price, here it is important to make the purchase directly with the seller in person, to show you the tickets physically, do not accept tickets printed on paper and never give a prior deposit because there are cases of frauds, the communities of fans often support a lot and complain if someone does something wrong. The Websites option is explained below, finally Ticketmaster (again), approximately a few days before the game, since they have cancellations, some tickets are usually offered for sale, these tickets do not last longer than half an hour so you have to be very attentive, follow our facebook and twitter page and we will notify you immediately if these tickets are coming out.


Secundary Market Websites

As we have seen, there have been dozens of pages called "Secondary Market" The usual question is: They are scalpers? Actually yes and no: There are pages of all types, from fraudulent ones that get the tickets illegally and resell them just like the mafias in the venues and there are others websites that they have established as more serious companies that avoid frauds, monopolies or illegal practices and they even offer box office tickets at a lower price. In the USA, SeatGeek achieved a contract with the soccer league so you can buy your tickets at the face value in Ticketmaster or SeatGeek with the difference that Ticketmaster charges up to 30% commission and SeatGeek 5%.


How these sites operate

These sites started in the USA for the sale of tickets in the MLB, NHL and NFL. People who buy tickets by season sometimes can not go to all the games (MLB have more than 60 per season) so people send tickets to these pages to sell them and recover part of the season payment, an important point is that the TICKET OWNER establishes the price, NOT THE PAGE, of course this generated the opportunity to overprice the tickets for the high demand games, so these secondary market companies emerged and they have raised several questions:

Are these sales legal?

In most states in the USA yes, some with certain restrictions.

All the tickets are from fans or they also get scalpers and make fraud to get the tickets?

No, yes, sometimes. Yes, there are people who buy tickets in Ticketmaster only with the intention of sending them to this resale (the only advantage is that you have to compete with the price of thousands of tickets, you are not alone in the stadium selling the ticket 10 times more expensive) and there have also been cases of companies that gave the tickets illegally: at Madison Square Garden they fired 50 employees for giving tickets directly to these pages instead of offering them to the public. It is an industry that´s starting to get regulate even Obama managed to sign one of the first treaties and it already banned these websites from using bots (automatic purchase systems)

Does Ticketmaster allways act legally and DO NOT deliver tickets directly to resellers?

It´s hard to answer, but in my opinion Yes they act legally, they are a big and successful company they are interested that their business works and do not generate problems, it is important to establish that in USA Ticketmaster also offers the resale service.

Perhaps the important thing of all this is to understand that these websites are here to stay and are part of the options we have to buy tickets for Sold-out events, now, how to make good use of these websites?


Considerations if you are buying tickets on the Internet

The important thing here is to choose a professional supplier, who ensures 100% the transaction, that offers good service, variety of options and the best possible price.

How to choose a professional provider?

Pages like SubHub, SeatGeek, TicketBis, Ticket liquidator or Ticketnetwork, have been consolidated as big companies, they assure you the sale and in case of any problem they do everything possible to help you. You have to avoid the pages that offer prices too low compared to most because they can be a fraud.

Which is the best?

In The Ticket Fest we check each of the providers in each important event and we choose 4 to 6 recommended pages for each event, some pages are for better for concerts, others are good in MLB some in Hockey, there are some for European football and even some specialized in F1, Grand Slams, Golf or luxury travel. Each event we´ll publish a review with the best options, if the event you want to attend is not in the information you can request it on our Facebook or Twitter

Which has better prices?

The advantage of online services is that we can compare in real time the price of tickets from dozens of providers, we handpicked every provider for every event.


Fina Tips

When you enter the pages you will be able to see that certain tickets from the same area have very different prices, if you are going to buy General admission buy the cheapest, all general tickets are in the same area.

And probably the most important tip for any event in resale (secondary market) as the owner of the ticket is the one that puts the price and can change it at any time several steps happen:

At first they put exaggerated prices, this is just to get attention, in a Mayweather fight they put tickets to $100,000 USD, of course they were never sold, but it helped to deceive people and sell them $50,000 tickets thinking they were half price.



There is a study from Boston University of how prices fluctuate in these websites (see graph) the interesting thing is that in general they keep the price and as they approach the day of the event they go down in price, (people do not want to lose their money) in the MLB comes the case that they sell below the original price (this will not happen with prime events) But the graph allows us to see the date in which statistically is the best time to buy tickets:


Recommendation 1:

10 days before the event

On this date the tickets are down 30% of the resale price and it is the best time because there are variety to choose a good area

Recommendation 2:

5 days before the event

Here the tickets are already at their minimum price, the savings can be up to 50%, the disadvantage is that there will not be so many options. I do not recommend buying tickets after this date because if the delivery system takes longer, the tickets may not arrive on time. So now you have the information for any form of resale you want to use, share with someone who needs tickets. Good luck and enjoy your game.




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